Our feet do our heavy lifting. They’re our connection to the earth, and they move us through our lives. Because they bear the brunt of our physical stress, our feet and ankles are prone to a variety of injuries that seem to stop life right in its tracks.

Dr. Scott, Dr. Berg, and our talented staff specialize in providing state-of-the-art treatments for foot and ankle injuries. Whether bunions prevent you from wearing even your most comfortable shoes or a sports-related fracture is keeping you off your feet, our surgical and non-surgical solutions, physical therapy, and products will have the whole family moving freely again.

Patient Stories

It was obvious that Dr. Scott and his staff were very busy when I came into the office for my appointment; yet, they got to me quickly and were so nice, helpful and present 100% during my time there. Dr. Scott performed the procedure so adeptly, explained exactly what was going to happen and how to recover quickly. I can't say enough about what a nice visit it was meeting his whole staff. I highly recommend Coastline to anyone! - Cole Johnson

Dr. Scott Berg has a conservative, yet aggressive approach to the treatment of foot and ankle issues. He really goes above and beyond when working with you; and is very personable and thorough in explaining your specific treatment plan. I really feel welcomed by all the staff members of this office. Dr. Berg and Dr. Scott both give back to the community by providing education opportunities for students in surrounding school settings. I would highly recommend both of these doctors! It’s a very positive experience. - Tammy Walling

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